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How We Help

Reduce the Burden in Keeping Your Cannabis Business Safe, Secure and Compliant

From compliance software to point-of-sale systems, to security, marketing and finance, the cannabis industry is flooded with options. With all this technology available, how do you vet all the suppliers and maximize your return on investment? How do you find the best software solutions to manage and scale your multi-state operations?

That’s where Real Cloud Pros comes in. We do it for you.


An expert in security, network, IT infrastructure, and cloud hosted solutions, Real Cloud Pros helps you meet state compliance and regulatory standards. Security systems like 24/7/365 automated video surveillance and sensory monitoring lets you monitor, capture, and control every access point of your business – anytime, anywhere.


Cannabis regulations are changing fast and getting stricter, and failure to follow compliance procedures can have huge costs and halt expansion. We partner with trustworthy software and point-of-sale providers to bring you the best speed-to-market experience while ensuring you’re meeting your state’s compliance standards.


Running a multi-state company involves many factors – compliance, taxing, banking, point-of-sale, inventory management and control. With 20+ years of IT experience, we help you discover, plan, integrate, and manage your technology solutions for long-term success – so you can focus on your business, not your IT.

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