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Who We Are

30 years of experience helping clients stay in front of the technological curve to successfully grow their business

Our Journey

Real Cloud Pros is a part of the technology landscape for the cannabis industry. Nearly 30 years ago, the CEO and Founder, David Levy started working with Executives and IT leaders, and grew his vision into a thriving technology and cloud services provider for small and midsized businesses.

Historically known for extensive technology expertise in integrating security, network, IT infrastructure, and cloud hosted solutions, today David Levy and team are striving to be an integrated leader in technology solutions for medical and recreational dispensaries in the cannabis industry.

At our foundation, we are rooted with three core promises.

One Stop Shop

To assess, plan, build, and integrate the best technology solutions for our cannabis clients to be safe, compliant, productive, and maximize return-on-investment.


To build future-facing partnerships with innovative leaders in the cannabis industry.

Providing the Best Resources

To back our vision by delivering the best customer experience through cutting-edge technology solutions and high-quality service management and support

We are Here to Help

As various state regulations and compliance for licensed medical and recreational dispensaries become more complex, it’s more important than ever to help these businesses scale with integrated technology solutions and fully cloud managed support.

Businesses large and small have been doing their best to utilize these disparate systems to operate effectively. And while many have told us that these systems and applications have helped drive better performance, they’ve also asked for more control to help integrate, scale and optimize these technologies to be compliant while achieving growth.

Based on this extensive feedback, we help streamline and simplify this process.

First, we are removing the time and guesswork to plan, build and integrate an enhanced portfolio of point-of-sale software, hardware and security surveillance systems instead of using a shot-gun approach. Properly integrating these technology and security tracking capabilities is critical to success.

Real Cloud Pros is here to help you integrate the best technology solutions in the cloud to securely operate your business while being compliant and scaling your growth.

Lets Talk.

Whether you need support, or just want to connect, our team is here for you.
Consult with us today at 754-207-7154 or request a consultation.

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